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prof. mr. G.J.M.E. de Bont

  • (Tax) administrative proceedings
  • Criminal cases

Guido (1969) completed his law studies at the Brabant University (currently the Tilburg University) in 1993. He was active within the university as a student assistant and he obtained his doctorate in 1997. He has always had an affinity with the tax practice and he has been registered as a (tax) lawyer since 1998. During an extensive period (1998-2008) he was employed in the tax practice, the last years as a partner. At the end of 2008 he founded the firm De Bont Advocaten. Guido publishes with some regularity and also gives many courses and lectures for, inter alia, the Postgraduate Tax Studies. He is also a teacher at the Foundation Training Tax Consultants of the Dutch Association of Tax Consultants. At the beginning of 2009 Guido was appointed as a professor of procedural tax law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

T   020 570 3160
F   020 570 3161
E   info@debontonderzoeken.nl