About our firm

The law firm De Bont Advocaten focuses on advice and assistance in administrative conflicts with the Dutch Tax Authorities and other regulatory authorities (AFM, DNB, BFT, ACM, and NZa) as also on tax and white-collar criminal cases, including in particular corruption and bribery. Extensive experience is available in these areas.

Tax consultants and accountants are to an increasing decree the target of official investigations resulting in administrative penalties, criminal cases as well as civil and disciplinary proceedings. De Bont Advocaten has specialised in providing actual support in these cases and to end the cases at an early stage. However, if necessary, litigation is continued up to the highest instances.

De Bont Advocaten does not compete with regular tax consultancy firms. After all, the lawyers of our firm do not perform (tax) consultancy activities and do not complete tax returns. Nor do we conduct liability proceedings against (tax) consultants.